Why Do I Need a Mobile Friendly Website?

If you’re looking to get noticed and drum up more business, your website needs to look the part. A sleek, efficient mobile friendly website is a no brainer. Why? The bottom line is this – more people search for stuff on their mobile device than on a desktop.

The mobile revolution

Over the last decade desktop use has increased, but it’s not been able to keep pace with searches on mobile devices. Half of the world’s population now owns a mobile phone, and that percentage is growing all the time. That’s created a marketplace you can’t ignore.

Poor design risks losing business

When you want people to take time to read your website, the design just has to be mobile friendly. If your site is hard to read, difficult to navigate and has no clear calls to action what do you think will happen? They’re going to move on.

A mobile friendly site that works for you

Make sure every website design or template works just as well on a desktop as it does on a mobile device to attract more business. To achieve that our mobile friendly websites offer –

  • Easy access – accessible photos, video and content to create appeal
  • Calls to action – inviting contact on every page to increase conversion
  • Effective design – scrolling pages with no zooming or side to side movement
  • Reactive – touch screen action improves user experience
  • Quick loading – a fast website keep visitors engaged

Google penalties if you’re not mobile friendly

If your website isn’t mobile friendly engaging with potential clients is only part of the problem. What if they can’t find you in the first place? This year Google decided to penalise websites that don’t meet its criteria for mobile friendly. In short that means you won’t come up on a general Google search if your website isn’t designed for mobile devices.

Great mobile design

Every time someone searches for a product using a mobile device there’s a good chance they’re going to act on what they find. Google say 3 out of 10 mobile searches ends up with that person taking action. What’s more that action happens fast – 50% of purchases occur within an hour of finding a product.

What makes mobile work?

Variety is the spice of life. The immediate nature of mobile browsing coupled with a raft of options designed to encourage conversion are the driving force behind the success of mobile websites. Well designed and clearly visible links that encourage conversion include –

  • Shop directions – helping people find your business is good for business
  • Phone links – talking to potential customers encourages sales
  • App downloads – a persuasive method of increasing purchases
  • Contact forms – asking questions and making enquiries opens a dialogue

Mobile friendly websites go further than offering a shopping opportunity. They help build relationships by letting customers take action the way they want.

Don’t be left behind

Whether it’s mobile web design Liverpool or any other major city, mobile friendly websites keep your business searchable and attractive. It’s that simple.

Enhance the look of your Drupal blog with Classic Blog Theme

Drupal Classic Blog Theme

Drupal Classic Blog Theme

If you are running a Drupal website or blog, then you will have plenty of options to improve its aesthetic and functionality. You have so many free Drupal themes that let you easily enhance the visual appeal and user experience of your blog/website. The classic blog is one of the popular Drupal 7 themes. The specialty of this blog theme is simple, minimal and clean design that will uplift the appearance and usability of the blog. This theme comes as a single column and double column layout and has five block regions in total. Some of the features supported by the blog includes site slogan, site logo, user pictures in nodes and comment section. This blog is designed with HTML 5 and is compliant with Drupal standards. This theme is also optimized for SEO. To know more about this theme, you can simply look into some of the samples or demos. This theme is perfect for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and bloggers.

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Cirrus-Green – An Exquisite Joomla Template for Business Websites

Cirrus-Green Theme

Cirrus-Green Theme

Lots of people use Joomla for creating a website. Apart from easy usability, what makes Joomla CMS more popular is its free templates. There are so many Joomla free templates that could help you improve the visual appeal and handling of the blog. Cirrus Green is one of the popular free templates that have been utilized by various business websites. With clean and table design, this template lets you easily edit title, logo, and offer many layout options. This theme is designed to work well with many browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and many devices (laptop, mobile, and tablet). Easy usability and clean design make this template ideal for business websites. Above all, this template is 100% free means you do not need to spend any penny to use for your website. To have a glimpse of this theme, just view some of the screenshots of this theme published on various websites.

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Attractive Joomla 3 Template

Attractive Joomla Template

Attractive Joomla Template

Joomla has become one of the most used content management systems in the world. Like many other content management systems, Joomla users to have many free templates to enhance the usability and appearance of the blog. Among the many, Joomla 3 template has been trending in the list of popular templates. For website administrators, this template can make it easy to manage the website/blog easily. With this template, as an administrator, you can make the changes and customization right from your laptop or smartphone, so you can make the updates anytime on the go. This template can make your blog more attractive due to its aesthetic appeal. Readers and end users will find your blog very appealing and can make them stay for long. This template is easy to install and has sophisticated commenting system. To get more idea and feel about the template, just look into the demo or samples on the Internet.

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Beauty Theme – Clean & Attractive

Clean & Attractive theme

Clean & Attractive theme

Lots of people are using a Drupal blogging platform for creating blogs and websites. If you have a Drupal blog/website and want to make it look attractive and clean, then you can simply use any of the free Drupal themes. One of the top free Drupal themes on the Internet is Beauty theme. As the name says, this theme is very beautiful and is ideal for use with news or magazine websites/blogs. It has minimal and clean design that simply highlight your contents while giving a beautiful look to your blog. This blog theme is very responsive and looks good and great in tablet, smartphone, iPhone Android, etc. If you want to know how the blog look and the experience it offers, you can choose to view the demo available for free on the Internet. This theme is expected to upgrade and improve in the days to come. So, do not miss to check this blog.